U.S. Air Force Dolly Set Mobilizer

The new U.S. Air Force Dolly Set Mobilizer is the latest CDK system fielded as a US Military Standard system. The Dolly Set is identified by NSN 2330-01-667-6381 and USAF Tech Order T.O. 36A4-36-1.
US Air Force
Standard Dolly Set Mobilizer
C-130 Aircraft Loading

The next generation CDK Air Force Dolly Set was selected by the Air
Force Material Command (Air Force Life Cycle Management Center)
in 2018 and was subsequently tested, certified and fielded to more
than a dozen U.S. Air Force bases on three continents. CDK’s new
system was fielded across the Air Force to assist with shelter handling,
transport and aircraft loading for numerous applications with the
following end users:

  • Air Support Squadrons
  • Vehicle Readiness Squadrons
  • Combat Search & Rescue Wings
  • JSTARS Air Control Wings
  • Electronic Warfare Training Squadrons
  • Communications Squadrons
  • Material Maintenance Squadrons
  • Space Based Surveillance Squadrons
  • Fighter Wing Squadrons
  • Airlift Wing Logistics Squadrons
Quad-Con Transport
Road & Rough Terrain Certified

The CDK next generation system was selected based on its long military lineage and
reputation for unmatched fielded capabilities including the following:

  • Diesel Engines for true self-containment (no electric batteries that need recharging in
    the field). Dolly Set batteries recharge from the diesel engines.
  • Side Lifting Capabilities for cross loading in the field (truck,
    trailer, rail)
  • 12,000 miles prior testing and certification at Aberdeen
    Proving Ground
  • Unique 3-wheel handling mode for ease of unloaded
    handling and hydraulic powered connection to shelter 
  • Self-leveling axle feature to level shelters on uneven terrain
  • Commonalty with US Army Standard M1022-A1 (Training,
  • U.S. Air Force Internal Air Transport Certification
Side Lifting
Ease of Handling
Weight (empty) 6,150 lbs (standard)
Weight Empty 7,300 lbs (with Side-Lift Kit)
Lift Capacity (container weight 20,000 lbs
Transport Capacity (container weight) 20,000 lbs @ 58 mph
Maximum Lift Height 50 inches standard
Maximum Lift Height 62 inches with Side-Lift Kit
Length (with 20 ft container) 36 feet
Width 96 inches
Height Adjustable
Engine Diesel 6.2 hp
Tires (standard) 12R / 22.5
Brakes Full Air (from tow vehicle)
Tow Bar Air Spring
Patent 5,006,031
NSN 2330-01-667-6381
Air Force T.O. T.O. 36A4 36-1

Testing & Certification

The CDK next generation Dolly Set Mobilizer was certified for USAF wide use for shelters weighing up to 20,000 lbs after completing the following additional USAF testing in 2018:

  • Towing Force Measurement / Evaluation
  • 30% Longitudinal Grade Test
  • Parking Brake Test (20% Grade)
  • 20% Side Slop Test
  • Uneven Shelter Leveling Test (30 inches corner to corner)
  • Road Testing (20,000 lbs at up to 58 mph)
  • Secondary Road Testing (20,000 lbs up to 27 mph)
  • Cross Country Terrain Testing (20,000 lbs up to 10 mph)
  • Water Fording at 33 inch depth
  • Steering angle tests
  • High Temperature storage for 24 hours at +140 F
  • High Temperature operation at +120 F
  • Low Temperature Operation at -25 F (after 18 hour soak
  • Low Temperature Operation at -40 F (after 24 hour soak)
  • Low Temperature Storage at -60 F (24 hour soak)
  • Operation in Humidity from 5% – 95%
  • Service Brake Tests (30-ft stopping distance from 30 mph)
  • Center of Gravity Test
  • Road testing with 22,000 lb payload at 59 mph

CDK’s US Air Force Dolly Set represents the next generation of the previously fielded US Army M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizer.  More than 1,000 M1022-A1 systems were fielded worldwide following extensive testing (12,000 miles) at the US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground. This mileage included highway, gravel road, cross-country, Belgian block and vibration courses.

Test results were as follows:

  • Mean Miles Between Mission Failure: 12,000 miles
  • Mean Cycles Between Mission Failure: 55 cycles
  • Total Scheduled Maintenance (Semi-Annual): 1.2 hours
  • Total Unscheduled Maintenance (12,000 miles): 11.6 hours
  • Maintenance Ratio: .003 hrs/mile
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): .25 hour

Dolly Set Available Product Upgrades:

  • Lift Cylinder Protective Bellows – protects cylinder rods from the environment
  • Tarp Cover – protects entire dolly set from the environment
  • Side Lift Kit (NSN 3950-01-418-0930) – for loading of trucks, trailers or railcars
  • Redundant Power Kit (NSN 1730-01-406-2585) – for operation in the event of engine or pump failure
  • Cold Start Kit (NSN 6110-01-466-6395) – jumper system for extreme cold weather starts
  • Engine/Tray Cover Kit – for preservation of engine, pump, etc. when not in use
  • Hand Tool Kit – standard inch-size hand tool kit for routine maintenance activities
  • S-280 Adapter Kit (for smaller S-280 Shelters)