US Army M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizer

Off-Road Transport Tactical ISO Shelter

C-130 Loading


The M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizer is a 7.5-10 ton capacity variant of the basic CLT system specifically designed to meet United States Army requirements. First delivery was made in 1994, and more than 800 systems have since been fielded by Army, Navy and Air Force customers. Although designated as a 7.5 ton system by the US Army, the M1022-A1 System includes a built-in overload capacity of 10 tons.

The M1022-A1 system replaces the older, manually powered M1022 dolly set in DOD inventory. Primary applications for the M1022-A1 system include military tactical shelters used as DEPMEDS deployed field hospitals, aviation maintenance workshops, and command and control systems.

The M1022-A1 Systems includes the following enhanced capabilities:
  • Diesel powered hydraulic system for ease of connection and lift
  • Unique 3-wheel handling mode for ease of unloaded handling and hydraulic powered connection to shelter
  • Side Lift Kit for loading of shelters to/from flatbed trucks, trailers or railcars (optional kit)
  • Redundant Power Kit permits operation in the event of engine or pump failure (optional kit)
  • Full access to 3 or 4 ft.- wide end-opening shelter door while connected to dolly set
  • Self-leveling axle feature to level shelters on uneven terrain
  • Tandem towing capability for unloaded dolly sets
  • Compatible with 8 ft or 8.5 ft tall shelters or containers (with optional 8.5 ft lockout brace)
  • Wheels lift off ground for changing of tires without jack

Field Training

Deployed with SATCOM

Road Transport

Side Lift Kit For Loading Trucks/Trailers

Transport with 2 Quad Cons

S-280 Shelter Adapted to M1022-A1

Dolly Set Tarps

Shelter Door Opening

Engine / Tray Covers

Cylinder Protective Bellows

Testing & Certification

The M1022-A1 System was approved for fielding following extensive testing (2 systems x 6,000 miles each) at the US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground. This mileage included highway, gravel road, cross-country, Belgian block and vibration courses.

Test results were as follows:
  • Mean Miles Between Mission Failure: 12,000 miles
  • Mean Cycles Between Mission Failure: 55 cycles
  • Total Scheduled Maintenance (Semi-Annual): 1.2 hours
  • Total Unscheduled Maintenance (12,000 miles): 11.6 hours
  • Maintenance Ratio: .003 hrs/mile
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): .25 hour

CLT & M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizer Video

Weight (empty) 6,150 lbs (standard)
Weight (empty) 7,300 lbs (with Side-Lift Kit)
Lift Capacity (container weight) 20,000 lbs
Transport Capacity (container weight) 20,000 lbs @ 50 mph
Transport Capacity (container weight) 15,000 lbs @ 55 mph
Maximum Lift Height 50 inches standard
Maximum Lift Height 62 inches with Side-Lift Kit
Length (with 20 ft container) 36 feet
Width 96 inches
Height Adjustable
Engine Diesel 6.2 hp
Tires (standard) 12R/22.5
Brakes Full Air (from tow vehicle)
Tow Bar NATO Lunette
Suspension Air Spring
Patent 5,006,031

M1022-A1 Available Product Upgrades:

  • Lift Cylinder Protective Bellows – protects cylinder rods from the environment
  • Tarp Cover – protects entire dolly set from the environment
  • Side Lift Kit (NSN 3950-01-418-0930) – for loading of trucks, trailers or railcars
  • Redundant Power Kit (NSN 1730-01-406-2585) – for operation in the event of engine or pump failure
  • Cold Start Kit (NSN 6110-01-466-6395) – jumper system for extreme cold weather starts
  • Engine/Tray Cover Kit – for preservation of engine, pump, etc. when not in use
  • Hand Tool Kit – standard inch-size hand tool kit for routine maintenance activities
  • S-280 Adapter Kit (for smaller S-280 Shelters)
  • Steel Tool Box Upgrade