Haacon Rack & Pinion Jacks cover a wide range of industrial applications. Types include admissible loads from 1,000 lbs to 22,000 lbs, and with lifts up to 70 inches. See the attached brochure link for details on each type.

Type 1524 & 1555 Rack & Pinion Jacks

With self-locking worm gear & mounting flanges
Pushing or pulling application
Folding or removable handle
1,100 lb or 2,200 lb capacity
Stainless Steel or Cast Iron/Steel

Type 11 and 1188 Rack Jacks

Admissible loads from 3,300 lbs to 22,000 lbs
Lift height 11.8 to 13.7 inches
Siku safety crank or Raku ratchet crank

Type 1624, 1659 & 1685 Rack & Pinion Jacks

With self-locking security crank
Pushing or pulling application
3,300 lb to 22,000 lb capacity
Type 1659 for wall mounting