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CDK Mobile Systems is the North American distributor and product support representative for the Winglift Mobilizer System produced by Recotech of Sweden. The Winglift is a short range mobility system for ISO Containers, Military Tactical Shelters, and Radar Antenna Platforms.

Winglift systems can be supplied with pneumatic or hard rubber tires, with lift heights ranging from 13.8 to 29 inches, and capacities from 13,000 to 55,000 pounds.

A 29 inch lift height is suggested for easy C130 Aircraft loading using the on-board aircraft winch. Towing speed is limited to 10 mph and suggested for smooth level surfaces. The Winglift does not have its own braking system, so towing is suggested only with tow vehicles that have sufficient weight and braking power for the towed system.

Each Winglift system comes complete with four corner units with handle bars, connecting rods, steering system, towbar, and a storage/transportation stand. When connected, it is possible to move containers in all directions since the wheels have a 180 degree turn capability. The wheels may also be locked in the 0 and 90 degree positions.

Short Range Transport

Towing Quad-Con

Towbar/Steering Arms

Winglift Transport Stand

C130 Aircraft Loading

Lifting Container

Inside C130 Aircraft

The Winglift is connected into the bottom ISO corner castings with the upper beam resting on the corner post of the container. Once attached to the shelter, the Winglift is raised for transport by means of manually operated hydraulic cylinders on the four corner units.

Each wheel assembly is equipped with a manual locking device. Adaptation is possible for various container/platform designs as needed.

Standard Models:

Brochure: Winglift Mobilizer.

Winglift Transport Crate

C130 Aircraft Ramp

C17 Aircraft Loaded

Max Lift Height 29 inches