The CLT and Dolly Set Systems provide side lifting for container loading and unloading to/from flatbed trucks, trailers and railcars. With its independently powered, easily maneuverable halves, along with its patented gantry sling lift method, the CLT and Dolly Sets reduce the need for other handling equipment in the field such as PLS systems, RTCHs, cranes, forklifts, stackers, flatbed trucks and trailers.

This handling feature is particularly beneficial in forward locations not equipped with fixed material handling equipment.  It provides integral container handling capabilities to field level operating units, to alleviate dependency on motor transport units. The system can also facilitate the transloading of containers at major forward intermodal points.

Side Lift capabilities are available as optional kits on CLT Systems, M1022-A1 and CLT Dolly Sets.

Side Lift Connection

After CLT or Dolly Set halves are positioned at the sides of the container, side lifting for loading of other vehicles can be accomplished in a matter of minutes as follows:

Step 1 – The upper side lift beams are connected together across the top of the container with telescoping cross bars to form a fixed gantry.

Step 2 – Chains or straps are attached from the upper horizontal beams to the lower container corner castings, and back to the CLT or Dolly Set axle. Once connected, the lift cylinders are extended to raise the container off the ground up to a suitable loading height.