S-280 Adapter Kit - Permits transport of non-ISO S-280 Shelters. Secures into 8 shelter lifting rings.


Most of CDK’s Handling and Transport Systems are designed for use with standard ISO Containers which are 8-8.5 ft tall and 8-ft wide. According to the ISO Standard, there should be no protrusions in the end walls beyond the extent of the ISO Corner Castings.

To meet special case requirements of customers where containers or shelters are different sizes, or protrusions exist at the end walls, CDK can provide a number of special adapter frames in order to mate the container or shelter to the handling/transport equipment.

Shown on this page are samples of special adapters or frames provided in order to enable non-ISO standard container and shelters to be handled and transported using CDK’s systems.

Height Adapters – permits connection to low height container corner castings.

ISO Extension Frame – extends out the ISO Corners to eliminate interference with ECU’s or other protrusions from the end wall (available in different sizes).

ISO Extension Frame

NATO Ace Shelter Adapter Frame – Provides 8-ft x 8-ft frame with attachment points for smaller ACE Type I and Type II Shelters

Special Pallet with Frame – entire pallet for oversized load configured for CLT system

Non-ISO Adapter – special case for aircraft loading of Jet Engine.

NATO ACE Adapter

ISO Flatrack Container – 20-ft flatrack acts as platform for non-containerized or odd sized materials.