10-Ton Capacity C-130 Loading Kit

20-Ton Capacity C-130 Loading Kit

20-Ton Capacity C-130 Loading Kit


The CLT system, M1022-A1 Dolly Set and CLT Dolly Set are all designed to roll on and roll off of a C-130 aircraft while attached to a 20 ft ISO container (either 8-ft. or 8.5- ft. tall).

Two auxiliary C-130 loading kits are available from CDK Mobile Systems Inc. for use with the CLT and Dolly Sets to further enhance the loading of one or two ISO containers onto a C-130 aircraft: 10-ton and 20-ton options.

10-Ton Capacity C-130 Loading Kit
  • 8-wheel, single axle design
  • Manual operation
  • For use with M1022-A1 & CLT Dolly Sets
20-Ton Capacity C-130 Loading Kit
  • 16-wheel, dual axle design
  • Diesel/hydraulic power operation
  • For use with 25-ton CLT Systems
Each C-130 kit provides the following benefits:
  • Permits loading of shelters without “trapping” the dolly set inside the aircraft.
  • Increases the allowable shelter weight for loading.
  • Permits loading of two shelters per aircraft.

With a steerable CLT or Dolly Set on the back end of a container, the C-130 loading kit is installed on the front in less than 15 minutes. All kit components are man-portable and are pinned together in place. Once installed, the kit raises the front end of the container to provide for ramp clearance and cresting and provides steering for this end of the container as it is either pushed or winched into the aircraft. Each kit contains an operator platform for safety during the loading process.

Once inside the aircraft, the container can be lowered to the floor or rollers and the kit can be disassembled in a matter of minutes. The kit can be stowed inside the aircraft (attached to a stowage bracket on the end face of a container) or removed though the side crew door. If the container is loaded with pallets compatible with the C-130 roller system, the container can be pushed all the way forward inside the cargo area to make room for a second container loaded in the same manner.

Stowed on Container

10-ton Capacity System, Inside Aircraft, left

10-ton Capacity System, Inside Aircraft, right

Re-usable Shipping Crate

10-Ton Capacity C-130 Loading Kit

CLT 20-ton Capacity C-130 Kit used with CLT System

Specifications 8-Wheel Design 16-Wheel Design
Tare Weight (lbs) 900 1,800
Load Capacity (lbs per axle) 13,000 13,000
No. of Axles (4ft spacing) 1 2
Load Capacity (lbs total) 13,000 26,000
Max Container Weight (lbs) 20,000 40,000
Steering Manual Hydraulic*
Lift Cylinders Manual Hydraulic*
Tire Pressure 95 psi 95 psi
Installed Length 62 82

*Hydrualic power taken from CLT diesel powered hydraulic system

CLT & M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizer Video