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Haacon Lifting Systems are utilized to handle ISO Containers and Military Shelters for truck loading/off-loading, ground placement, and precision leveling. Lift height and capacity combinations are numerous, and can also be customized to specific customer or program requirements. No job is too large or too small. Standard lift capacities up to 55,000 pounds are possible, as are lift heights up to 69 inches.

A lift system normally consists of 4 jacks whereby the bearing load of a single jack equals half the load capacity of the system as a whole, thereby ensuring a high safety factor. Jacks can be attached to ISO corner castings, shelter corner fittings, special adapters or even through the bottom of containers. Flexible, fold-up type boom systems can be locked into position at 0/90/180 (or other) angles. The units are designed to be handled, installed and operated by two people.

Removable or Swing-To Option

Each Lifting System can be supplied to be easily installed and removed for each operation (inserts into top of top ISO corner casting), or can be permanently mounted with brackets into the upper side corners to permit the lifting legs to be folded in to the ends (or sides) of the container for stowage. This allows the system to stay attached to the container during transport and swung into position on the sides when needed for lifting.

Manual Operation

Standard operation is manual with two hand cranks and connecting rods to permit operation of two jacks at one time.

Standard Models

Brochure: Type 1483

Brochure: Type 1889.5

Brochure: Type 1889.10

Brochure: Type 1889.20

Brochure: Type 2689.12

Type 1889 Video

Optional Electric Motor Drive

Electric Motor Drive systems are available for quicker and less labor intensive operation. In the standard electric drive system, two gear motors are mounted to the gearboxes and connected together to operate two legs simultaneously. The electrical motors can be 24V for operation from the truck, or 230/400 Volts for operation from AC power supply sources. Both motors are controlled in unison with a single remote control unit.

Automatic Leveling

State of the art automatic positioning control permits exact leveling for uneven terrain. This upgrade includes a gear motor mounted on each lifting leg (4 total). It permits simultaneous raising and lowering of individual corners, and includes automatic position detection and automatic leveling with a precision of +/- 0.1 degrees. The system also provides automatic safety shutdown if the permissible gradient of 3.5 degrees is exceeded.

S-280 Shelter Adaption

The Type 1889.5 Lifting system has also been adapted for operation with the S-280 Military Shelter that is not equipped with ISO Corner castings.

Customized Designs

In addition to a large range of “Standard” products, numerous customer specific solutions are also possible:

  • Special container height adaptation
  • Multiple container height adapters
  • Special lift heights
  • Stowage on sides of container
  • Specialty fasteners and interlocking systems
  • Special load distribution plates
  • Integrated lift systems inside customer platforms
  • Product color and finishing specifications

Integration and Program Support

As an established US DOD prime contractor, CDK can provide the necessary technical and program support activities required to integrate Haacon lifting systems into new or existing programs.

Systems can be provided to meet unique customer requirements, and DOD program elements can be supported (tech data, logistics data, tech manuals, test support, life cycle support, etc.).

Container Support Devices

The Type 2942 (for steel suspension) and Type 3108 (for air suspension) Container Support Devices are designed for raising containers up off of their truck or trailer bed for storage in the “up” position or for trans-loading onto other vehicles. The systems can handle containers weighing up to 70,000 lbs.

The Type 2942 has a lifting stroke of 20 inches (between 47-67 inches) to lift containers off the trailer bed, whereas the Type 3108 depends on the truck air suspension being lowered to drive out from under the container (connection height between 45-64 inches).

Brochure:  Type 2942

Brochure: Type 3108