Systems provided by CDK facilitate the lifting, leveling, loading, and transport on roads, rough terrain, ships, and aircraft – of ISO Containers and Military Tactical Shelters weighing from 5,000 to 50,000 pounds.






Aircraft Loading


CDK Mobile Systems has unmatched expertise to provide the best tactical and most cost effective solutions for handling, transport and aircraft loading of ISO Containers and military shelters. If your program involves lifting, leveling, loading, transport on roads, ship or aircraft, then CDK has the right solution mix for your requirement. Our specialty is in tailoring the right mix of tactical equipment to specific deployment specifications. Whether the scenario calls for tactical deployment of smaller S-280 or Ace Shelters, ISO Containers, radar or communication platforms, tactical ATC systems, disaster relief platforms, or space vehicles, CDK can specify the best solution.

More than 1,200 CDK systems are helping military, government, NGO and commercial contractors move containers and shelters around the world. Our systems are standard equipment with the US Military, NATO, UN, and numerous other military agencies worldwide.

If your program calls for the mobility or deployment of containers and shelters, let us help – chances are we have done it before – or we can design special systems or adapters to meet your needs.

CDK Mobile Systems Inc. is a small business with headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware USA.

CDK designs, manufactures and supports M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizers, CLT Systems, and CLT Dolly Sets for supply to Military Agencies and commercial customers worldwide. All CDK Dolly Set systems and spare parts are produced in a CDK affiliated manufacturing facility in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada, just minutes west of the Toronto International Airport.

This facility produces and supports a range of military ground support equipment, and its Quality Assurance is certified to ISO 9002.

Winglift Mobilizers and Haacon Lifting and Leveling Systems are produced by partner companies in Europe whose facilities are also certified to ISO 9002.

How can we help you mobilize your ISO Containers and Shelters?