Haacon Short Range Mobility Systems are designed to lift and move ISO Containers, Military Shelters and other Military Platforms over short distances. Typical applications include around or inside factories, warehouses, parking lots and airfields.

Heavy Duty Rollers

The Type 4336 Heavy Duty Rollers are suitable for moving containers on reinforced surfaces. The rollers are attached below in the ISO corners while the side corner openings stay free for other uses (lift jacks).

A set of container rollers consists of four universal rollers with brakes and an interlocking towbar to be attached below the ISO corner fittings. Standard Models include capacities of 35,200 lbs and 70,400 lbs. Suggested maximum rollover obstacle height is 1.2 inches.

Aircraft Loading System

The Model 1350 Aircraft Loading system is designed for attachment to ISO containers and Military Shelters weighing up to 22,000 pounds, for roll-on loading onto C130 or larger aircraft. The system can also be used to off-load the shelter from a truck at the airport, then short range towing to the aircraft.

The M1350 system can be raised manually or with an optional 24V electric drive.

Brochure: Model 1350  

Brochure: Model 1350FR