When connected to the ends of a commercial ISO container or military tactical shelter, the CLT and Dolly Set systems permit towing of the mobilized container over the road at speeds up to 55 mph, and on rough terrain at reduced speeds. Dolly Set Systems include standard air brakes, suspension, running lights and connection points to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) in the USA (or the EU Framework Directive 70/156/EEC for Europe).

The rugged design of the CLT and Dolly Sets has been proven on US Army and other military test tracks for cross country terrain, Belgian block and vibration courses.

Because of this dual use design, the CLT and Dolly Set systems can transport containers from the point of origin (such as airport or ship port area) all the way to the end user (such as field hospital or forward command and control area).

The ride height of the container can be hydraulically adjusted to accommodate local conditions, remaining low to gain access through low overhead doors, or raised high to accommodate rough terrain obstacles.

Unloaded Transport

In the unloaded mode, the CLT and Dolly Set systems can be transported in a 4-wheel trailer mode. M1022-A1 Dolly Sets include a pintle, light and air brake connection at the rear of each vehicle to permit tandem towing of unloaded dolly set systems.

The unloaded CLT system is capable of intermodal transport aboard a standard ISO flatrack container. Once on-site, the CLT can off-load itself from the flatrack and be used to further transport the flatrack.

M1022-A1 and CLT Dolly Sets can be shipped inside a 9.5 ft tall (High Cube) ISO container. Two systems can be transported in each container.

For local handling, each CLT and Dolly Set half part is capable of placing itself (using the positioning cylinders) into a three-wheel handling mode. In this mode, the dolly sets can be maneuvered on a hard level surface by one person.

The CLT system is equipped with a self-powered wheel feature which permits self-propelled movement of each half part (or the complete system in four-wheel trailer mode), and connection to a container with just one operator. The CLT self powered wheel system also possesses sufficient power to move lightweight or empty containers over short distances without a tow vehicle

Connection to Containers

Each CLT or Dolly Set system half is equipped with a diesel powered hydraulic system and 2 sets of cylinders for quick positioning and handling. In the simple five-step process illustrated below, containers can be loaded and ready for transport in a matter of minutes:

Step 1 – The CLT or Dolly Set half is positioned in the three-wheel handling mode near the end of a container.

Step 2 – The lift cylinders are extended and the positioning cylinders retracted to shift the center of gravity over the main axle. The lower beam rests on the ground.

Step 3 – Both sets of cylinders are further adjusted to insert the alignment hooks in the upper beam into the top corner casting of the container.

Step 4 – After the top is attached, the lift cylinders are retracted for self-alignment of the bottom beam with the container’s lower corner castings.

Step 5 – After the twistlock bolts are installed into the four container corner castings, the container is lifted for transport.