M1022-A1 Factory Rebuild

CDK Mobile Systems has instituted a factory rebuild program for M1022-A1 dolly sets to take old systems from the field and convert them to an “As-New” condition


As the original equipment manufacturer of CLT Systems, M1022-A1 Dolly Sets and CLT Dolly Sets, CDK Mobile Systems provides full factory overhaul and refurbishment programs for these systems, as well as on-site customer tailored programs.

CDK can take in a customer’s equipment for rebuild, or can supply customers with completely rebuilt systems from CDK’s rotating stock.

As part of the rebuild program the entire dolly set is disassembled, then all structural components are sand blasted and re-painted to the original CARC spec. All air lines, hydraulic lines, electric cables, air bags and hardware are replaced with new parts. Tires are replaced as necessary – but all split rim wheels (and associated tires) are replaced as a safety precaution.

All dolly sets have the Position Tube Reinforcement Modification (US Army MWO 9-2330-390-35-1) applied to bring them to the latest production standard. All other parts are inspected and replaced as necessary.

When complete, the rebuilt systems look and act like factory new equipment. In fact the rebuilt M1022-A1 Dolly Sets carry the same 1-year factory warranty as new systems.

Various military customers have fielded CDK Factory Rebuilt systems over the past years at a substantial savings over the cost of brand new equipment.

Factory Refurbishment

For systems that do not need a complete breakdown and rebuild to an As-New condition, CDK also offers a Factory Refurbishment program. Under a typical refurbishment, systems are inspected and repaired, and only necessary items are replaced to ensure a fully functional system.

The system is then completely masked and painted to prolong its life and completes a full factory acceptance test. Factory refurbished CLT systems have recently been supplied to the US Army, Navy and NASA.

Customer Site Refurbishment

For customer sites far removed from the factory (including overseas), CDK also offers on-site refurbishment services.

These programs would be similar to the factory refurbishment, but tailored to suite the local requirement.

In some cases CDK would hire a local subcontractor and only send experienced supervisors to oversee the refurbishment work either on the customer site or a subcontractor’s facility.

Factory Refurbishment

For customers who perform their own refurbishment services, or use their own third party contractor, CDK can provide overhaul parts kits to simplify the parts ordering process. One M1022-A1 standard Parts Kit CPL-134 (76 line items) includes all hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and tubes used on the system, as well as all clamps, Gladhand fittings, marker strips and terminal blocks, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, quick release pins, air bags, and seal kits for all hydraulic cylinders. Other tailored kits can also be provided upon request.